The following are common questions regarding our grant process, decision timelines, and our funding areas of focus.  For additional questions, please contact us at

When will I hear a response regarding my LOI submission?

Once TBF receives your LOI submission, the staff will review your request and communicate a decision to you via e-mail within 6-8 weeks.  If your LOI aligns with TBF’s areas of focus and is approved for the next step in the process, then you may receive an invitation to submit a full grant application.

Does the Foundation have established funding areas?

Yes, TBF is guided by specific donor mandates.  Please see the Areas of Focus tab to review the donor mandates TBF follows in all of our grantmaking.

Does the Foundation have a specific deadline for grant proposal submissions? When should I expect to hear a decision on my grant proposal?

We are on a rolling cycle for submissions.  Grant proposals will be reviewed and presented to the Board for a decision on a bi-annual basis.

Does the Foundation fund international applicants?

Yes, TBF does fund international applicants; however, TBF requires that the applicant have a U.S fiduciary/fiscal sponsor with nonprofit 501(c)3 status that can receive funds on the international applicant’s behalf.

Does the Foundation make grants for capital campaigns, building or renovation projects or general operations?

Not at this time.

What is the typical length of a TBF grant?

Typically, from 1-3 years.

Should I contact TBF representatives or visit the Foundation to discuss my project idea?

The process begins with the submission of a LOI and TBF will then contact the grant seeker should further conversation be necessary.

Can I include support for indirect costs in my grant request?

TBF generally allows for 10% of grant total for indirect costs.

Does the Foundation support a particular understanding of science and faith?

TBF supports science rightly practiced and faith humbly expressed in equal measures.  Like St. Augustine, we believe that all truth belongs to God and should be pursued with virtue and intellectual rigor.

Does the Foundation belong to a particular denomination?

TBF does not hold to a particular denominational identity, or require certain faith positions from its grantees.  We support work among people of different faiths and no faith that is consistent with our mission and values.