“New institute named for Lamin Sanneh to focus on study of religion and society in Africa”

Announcement of the Sanneh Institute

The purpose of the Centre will be to explore what Muslims and Christians can learn from each other relative to religion and society, and thereby encourage and enable both Church and Mosque to pursue the common good.

After years of listening, dreaming, planning, creating, and refining, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new science/faith curriculum from BioLogos!

INTEGRATE is a flexible teacher’s resource for exploring biology from a Christian worldview. Designed for homeschool parents and Christian school teachers, INTEGRATE helps Christian young people grow in their faith in Christ as they develop a deeper love and stronger understanding of the world God has made.

INTEGRATE will help prepare today’s Christian students to be the scientists and thought leaders of tomorrow. Parents and teachers will become equipped to:

Help your students develop scientifically-informed, biblically-based perspectives on difficult topics, such as the ethics of genome editinghow creation and evolution can fit together, and why creation care matters.

Do all this with a flexible, user-friendly teacher’s guide vetted by experts in the BioLogos community!