“The issue I feel really passionate about is supporting those individuals, institutions and causes that are willing to tackle the really tough questions facing the Christian church today; or, that are likely to become issues in the near future.”
– Jim Blankemeyer

Jim and Carolyn Blankemeyer have spent many years investing in the broad category of church leadership, with particular focus on the Majority World. Their vision and activities, as embodied in the work of The Blankemeyer Foundation (TBF), has matured and evolved as they have learned from both their domestic and global partners. Of the many lessons learned, a cluster of inter-related themes have come to the forefront, and play a formative role in TBF’s next steps.

The lessons learned over the past decades play a formative role in shaping TBF’s next steps. We are still committed to producing leaders for the church, but our commitment is motivated by a desire to see a church ready and able to engage society at key points of (potential) conflict, those critical intersections where the church and society so often collide.

The Blankemeyer Foundation is a 501c3 organization established as a charity that serves both church and society by helping address the “big questions” central to human flourishing. For specific areas of potential partnership and engagement, please click on the “Areas of Inquiry” tab.