“By encouraging church leadership to face these potentially divisive issues in civil, educated discourse with the professional communities involved, the church will become that Light shining on the hill.”

Jim Blankemeyer

What types of concerns animate TBF’s focus?

Science and Faith – How can seekers of truth pursue a robust study of God’s creation alongside a sincere pursuit of faith? If “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19.1), how might an understanding of the created order be also understood as an act of worship? Too often these fields of learning and experience seem disconnected and even mutually hostile. At TBF, our confidence in all truth being of one Author, even when seemingly incongruous, catalyzes our work.

Technology, Medical Care and Human Dignity – How does faith ground us amidst of the rapid advance and pervasive reality of a technologically driven world? How do ethics apply to new medical technologies and market-shaped desires for efficiencies? How might technological innovations in communication, education, and medicine strengthen and facilitate the work of the gospel while avoiding potentially destructive impact? Reproductive engineering, life sustaining/death delaying mechanisms, environmental destruction, compelling virtual realities – these are but a few of the ethical matters that Jesus’ mandate to “observe all things” (Mt. 28.30) surely includes regarding the full reach of his redemption story.

Creation Care – What are Christ like responses to needs and the growing pressure on the global environment to provide resources to meet those needs? Some scientists have argued that we live in a new epoch of geological history-The Anthropocene, in which human activities have a significant impact on the earth’s ecosystems. If this is true, what are our responsibilities to care for God’s creation in light of Genesis 2:15 and Psalm 8:6?

Godly Virtues in a Pluralistic World – How do Christ followers engage those of other faiths and worldviews with humility, charity, and respect? With the claim on our lives to “do all that you can to live in peace with everyone” (Romans 12.18), how do we engage the status quo in surprising initiatives that resonate with the act of the Incarnation? In particular, with Christians and Muslims comprising over half the world’s population, special focus toward bridge building is needed for the sake of all.